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Compromise is the welcome mat to Deception

Just the other day I thought to myself – why do so many Christians still struggle with sin in their lives.  Why, when Christ paid  the ultimate price and set us free in every aspect, do we still walk around with the very things Christ died for so that we can walk in complete Victory, walking above reproach.

I then came across the following:

Bill Johnson wrote – No one is ever deceived unless he has first entered into compromise. We were created with the ability to recognize right from wrong because the law of God is written on our hearts. But that capacity becomes crippled when we fail to uphold what we know to be true.

In the natural, we have an immune system that protects us from the many illnesses we are exposed to in our daily lives. When that immune system is weak, we become vulnerable to every germ and virus that comes along. Maintaining the standard of righteousness in the heart is essential to strengthening our spiritual immune system, which keeps us undefiled by the spirit of deception.

A heart that is clean doesn’t desire evil. When evil is appealing, it is a warning sign that compromise is in operation, and that certain precautions must be taken. The roots of such compromises are usually found in the attitudes of the heart. That is why Solomon said, “Watch over the heart with all diligence, for from it flow the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). When a root of compromise is exposed, repent. And repent deeply until there is a true change of heart and mind. It saves a lot of heartache in the long run. If it’s a repeated area of weakness, use the tool of accountability. Accountability gives us great strength as friends bring out the best in us.

Good stuff isn’t it?

It made it so clear to me that the reason so many Children of God are still stuck in sin, and still allowing sin to enter the door of their heart, is simply because just outside the front door is a mat called Compromise. The mat of compromise is a Welcome mat for whatever your compromise might be in your life. Your compromise knows where it is welcome.

We need to walk up to that mat and wipe our shoes on it and break all attractiveness of it which draws sin in, we need to get rid of it. Rid your front door of that mat of compromise. Don’t just give God your house, give him your porch as well, so that when sin comes knocking, and comes knocking at it’s own accord with no welcome mat calling  it in, that sin will then come face to face with God who now owns the place the mat once had.

Stop Compromising – Receive your freedom, Receive your deliverance, Receive your Forgiveness.

Christ paid a price for you, He did not pay the ultimate price so you can live in bondage!

Blessings, G